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February 27, 2013 / kgrid

HTC devices are vulnerable to cyber-attacks : Federal Trade Commission USA complains

According to the latest USA Federal trade commission findings, more than 18 million users of HTC smartphones and mobile devices are vulnerable to cyber attacks. HTC has been charged by the commission  for customizing its Android and windows based phones in ways that allow cyber criminals to install dangerous software and steal user’s personal details.

Several flaws in HTC software, including insecure implementation of two logging applications, and programming vulnerabilities that let third-party Android apps escape the permission-based filter has been identified by the regulators.

****Please click here to read the actual complaint by the FTC*******  This contains all the information of the issues reported too.

This clearly suggests that potential exposure of sensitive information and sensitive device functionality through the security vulnerabilities in HTC mobile devices, consumers are at risk of financial and physical injury and other harms. Sensitive information can be used to target the user’s sensitive data. Potential threats can also include sending text messages, record audio, browse history and access information such as credit card numbers and banking transactions.

In response to the complaints HTC agreed to develop and release software patches to fix the vulnerabilities.

News Courtsey : Bitdefender

February 26, 2013 / kgrid

NASA will help you see “stars” in the sky.

Winter SkyHey folks. How many times we have been staring in the sky searching for our favourite stars and planets. Very often we see a shiny moving object over the sky and we end up asking our Grand dad about them. Indeed those moving objects(other then stars and planets) are the international space stations floating across the space. So Nasa has come up with an idea so that you can easily spot them when it passes by your place. According to NASA its very easy to spot such space stations if you know when and where to look at. So here’s the deal.

Visit here   and sign up for NASA’s alert. The form requires basic info about your where abouts. If in India, state option doesn’t have the list of states but they do have the list major cities across India. Also i doubt if the mobile messaging is for Indian user’s but the e-mail option is there. Once you fill in the initial data and supply the process code for confirming your registration you’re done.

So what are you waiting for dude, Look out for that Star! 🙂

Image Courtesy : NASA

August 3, 2012 / kgrid

An effort to bring Shakepeare’s first collection online: Help to make it happen

Title_page_William_Shakespeare's_First_Folio_1623A good news for all literature lovers and fans of William Shakespeare! The University of California has launched a campaign ‘Sprint for Shakespeare’ to digitize the first edition of Shakespeare’s plays, known as First Folio dated 1623, to make it available on internet.

First Folio is the collection of William Shakespeare‘s plays. Modern scholars commonly refer to it as the First Folio, probably because it’s printed in folio format. It contains 36 plays and the first collected edition of any English playwright, published seven years after his death by two of his fellow actors.

While copies of this book are not uncommon, this one is a rarity because it has not been rebound or restored during almost four centuries since it was first received by the Oxford’s Bodleian Library in 1623. Though delicate restoration work has been done on its leather binding. The book is so worn out that it is seldom brought out to be shown to visitors. Its marks of wear makes many people feel connected to the tastes of early readers. Read more…

August 3, 2012 / kgrid

Can perceptions be reality? Inspiring short story of an immigrant [Video]

The video features russian immigrant Ekaterina Walter. In this brief video she shares her transformative 13-year journey in her adopted country – the United States. And how her experiences have left all changed in unexpected ways. Presently She is Intel’s global social media strategist.  Under her leadership, Intel has seen an astonishing 10% to 12% monthly fan base growth. In Forbes magazine she was described as ‘the personification of new Intel’ .

Courtsey: TEDxPeachtree

August 3, 2012 / kgrid

Are you messing up with your social media presence?

Social-media networkLet’s get back to the starting of the year 2000, or if it’s too early, accelerate a bit to year 2005. Did you ever think then, that your life would be trapped in a mesh of digital presence? Did you ever think that ‘facebooking‘ will be the latest verb entrant into our dictionaries that will influence our daily  activities like never before. At least I never imagined that all of sudden I will acquire a need to ‘tweet‘ my feelings across the web or will have to look for professionals in something like ‘linkedIn‘.  Lets come back to 2012 and we do realise that this, a sort of addiction, Read more…

August 2, 2012 / kgrid

Notepads to get a new glow with Quantum Dots

Liquid crystal displays dominates the market for both televisions and portable electronic devices. Gone are the days of CRT monitors. LCDs gives displays brighter then CRTs catching a better eye of the consumers. For this reason manufacturers are making LCDs in larger scale at low cost. Meanwhile, more expensive display technologies based on organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) have come along, offering richer color and, in some cases, better power consumption, but at a higher price.

But now if the words from companies of California are to be believed, these LCDs will become more brighter adding glow and richer range of colours to the viewing experience. A layer of nano material Read more…

August 1, 2012 / kgrid

Bidding farewell to hotmail: Hello

Hotmail was one of the first free Web-based email services available, instantly attracting a lot of users. It still has hundreds of millions of users worldwide.

But now the time has come to bid farewell to this e-mail service. Yesterday morning, Microsoft launched the preview version of, its new personal, free Web-based email service.

Eventually, Microsoft intends to migrate all Hotmail users to But for the time being, Hotmail users can continue to use the same interface they’ve been using. Hotmail users who choose to do so will also be able to keep their Hotmail addresses even after moving over to combines both the familiar and the new.  Millions of people already use Outlook — Microsoft’s email, contacts, calendar and task-management system — primarily at work. It also comes bundled with several versions of Office, Microsoft’s productivity suite with a billion users worldwide. It’s a name people are familiar with and already associate with email. Read more…

August 1, 2012 / kgrid

Cyberwar has now been declared: US and Israel at forefront

It really sounded weird yet powerful enough to give us goose bumps when New York Times reporter David Sanger wrote in June that anonymous sources within the United States government admitted that US and Israel were the authors of Stuxnet worm and related malware .

For those who’re unaware of Stuxnet, is a computer worm discovered in June 2010. Stuxnet initially spreads via Microsoft Windows, and targets Siemens industrial software and equipment. It is the first discovered malware that spies on and subverts industrial systems,and the first to include a programmable logic controller (PLC) rootkit.  The worm initially spreads indiscriminately, but includes a highly specialized malware payload that is designed to target only Siemens supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems that are configured to control and monitor specific industrial processes.  Stuxnet infects PLCs by subverting the Step-7 software application that is used to reprogram these devices. Different variants of Stuxnet targeted five Iranian organizations,  with the probable target widely suspected to be uranium enrichment infrastructure in Iran;  Symantec noted in August 2010 that 60% of the infected computers worldwide were in Iran.

United states and Israel….! C’mon they have been long suspected of being indulged in construction of such techie means of wars, so not really it comes as a surprise. If we go a bit back in past then these are the two nations who’re Read more…

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